Are your local gay bar saying “nyet” to Russian vodka ?

It all started with gay bars in Chicago saying “nyet” to Russian vodka and are about spreading around LGBT worldwide.

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Saying “nyet” to Russian vodka and and other Russian products, is to show solidarity with LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed laws forbidding same-sex couples from adopting Russian children and banned gay propaganda.

So get your local gay bar, to take a stand : Say “nyet” to Russian vodka and other Russian products.

This is the only language that Russian President Vladimir Putin understands, that language is called Money!

So why should the LGBT community use their hard earned money on Russian products that gives support to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s homophobia ? Stop purchasing Russian goods in any form and choose a products from LGBT friendly countries instead.

Take a stand ! Help your LGBT sisters and brothers in Russia by saying “nyet” to Russian vodka and other Russian products.

The Dragon Club in Dublin, Ireland confirms that they are not selling Russian vodka :

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