Charlie Hunnam : Pee Flap

Probably most famous to the gay community as the twinky new boy Nathan Maloney, in the ground breaking UK version of Queer As Folk, Charlie Hunnam is returning to our screens in Pacific Rim.

Charlie Hunnam
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Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam, 33, looking as buff as ever, has spoken about his new film, Pacific Rim which is out now in the UK.

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Talking to Jay Leno, Charlie explained that taking a leak could hold up production for up to an hour, so the designers added a pee flap!

Speaking about his new found flap, Charlie said:

“One of the worst things about that suit was it takes about a half an hour to get on and half an hour to get back off, so if you need to have a pee, you’ve gotta hold production up for a while,

“So, I got through it for the first couple of weeks and said, ‘Come on guys. I mean, I need a pee flap.

“So, they gave me one, which was wonderful. There was a little codpiece and you know there’s a button there and you’d flick it up and there’s a zipper underneath,” Charlie added. “It became a secondary function because there’s no pockets in that suit of armor. So I discovered that within the codpiece, now that I had a pee flap, I could store things in there. I’d put my gum… (in there)”

Charlie Hunnam - Queer As Folk - UK
Charlie Hunnam – Queer As Folk – UK

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