X Factor’s Sam Callahan Naked

Well, well well... it seems all our Christmases have come early. Whilst doing some, erm research on young X Factor hopeful Mr Callahan, we came across this little video of him skinny dipping for charity.

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Tease? | YouTube

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Before the bright lights of X Factor a playful Sam Callahan promised to get naked for his debut single Crazy, which was in aid on the Teenage Cancer Trust, the YouTube video starts with Sam in the tub…

It’s a 4:30AM start, but Sam and his team move to the park, where he disrobes and gets butt naked for the cameras.

Fine abs | YouTube

It seems as though Sam is no stranger to getting naked infront of the camera, as he strips and enters the near freezing waters.

You can leave your hat on | YouTube

With just a hat to hide Sam’s modesty, he climbs into the water.

Feeling the cold | YouTube

Sam remarked that the water was indeed ‘cold’

Party trick? No Hat | YouTube

Sam emerges from the water | YouTube

Sam shows of his perfectly formed abs.

Very chilly willy | YouTube

Triumphant, Sam Callaham emerges from the waters. Wet and cold – but with a smile on his face.

All smiles | YouTube

Watch the entire video: www.videos.thegayuk.com/SamCallahanNaked

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Written by Jake Simpson at TheGayUK.com

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