Coming Out Still Matters, HRC Celebrates National Coming Out Day Oct. 11

The Human Rights Campaign – the America’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organisation – is underscoring that, even in light of recent victories, there is more work to do on National Coming Out Day 2013 with the theme “Coming Out Still Matters.”

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NCOD – a globally celebrated event that encourages LGBT people and their supporters to be visible by living open and honest lives – is celebrated each October 11. This marks the 25th anniversary of HRC’s NCOD – which encourages LGBT people and their supporters to be visible by living open and honest lives.

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“As our community celebrates victory after victory for equality, including two major marriage victories at the Supreme Court this year, it’s important to remember LGBT people still face great difficulties and challenges ahead,” said HRC Vice President and Chief Foundation Officer Jeff Krehely.  “Twenty-five years after the first National Coming Out Day, it is still important to remember that the more we come out as LGBT people and allies, the more we tell our stories and engage others, the more victories we will achieve.”

This week, HRC also engaged campuses in Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon to celebrate NCOD and encourage LGBT students and allies to come out for equality.

“Over the past 25 years, we’ve seen the incredible power of coming out,” said Sultan Shakir, director of HRC’s Youth and Campus Engagement Program.  “As we come out to family and friends, and in our schools, workplaces and places of worship, we see that those around us come to understand us. The process of coming out, now more than ever, is powerfully important.

To celebrate and honour NCOD 2013, HRC asked its 1.5 million members and supporters to share their stories about why coming out still matters to them. Throughout the week, HRC’s NCOD blog campaign is highlighting stories from HRC friends, supporters and staff, and discussing the still profound impact of coming out.  HRC released a video from Jay Brown, HRC’s director of foundation program strategy who tells his journey of coming out as a transgender man, an NCOD video about why coming out still matters with remarks from HRC President Chad Griffin, and a 25th anniversary compilation video that provides a look back at some of the trailblazing coming out moments in American media that raised the profile of LGBT Americans over the last 25 years.  Also, the newest film coming out of our Religion and Faith program, Before God: We Are All Family will be featured nationally on Univision on October 11th at 7:00 a.m. and will focus on how, coming out is a family journey in Latino families.

In addition, the critically acclaimed artist Ryan McGinnis – dubbed by many as the Warhol of the 21st Century – designed a new National Coming Out Day T-shirt in celebration of the day.

To learn more about NCOD and the coming out process, visit

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