What Gay Men Feel About Their Bodies

Gay Men
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Last month TheGayUK undertook some reader research to find out what gay men in the UK thought about their bodies.


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Reader Research | Source: TheGayUK

Are we happy with our bodies? Well over 57% of us are unhappy or very unhappy with our bodies and guess what – nobody reported being Very Happy with their shape.

The research shows that we still have to go some way in accepting our bodies.

Sadly though our poor body image affects us in more than physical ways, with 73.1% of us believing that a good body is important to be successful and 56% of us reporting that poor body issues reduce our sex drive and nearly 58% of us actually being jealous of a partner’s body.

Reader Research | Source: TheGayUK

Well over half of us would have or consider having cosmetic surgery with our stomachs, chests, butts and arms being the areas we are most unhappy about.

Despite this only under 4% have actually been under the doctor’s knife and had cosmetic surgery.

So which celebrity body do gay men, according to the research want to look like?

The top 5 are:

Ben Cohen

Brad Pitt

David Beckham

Tom Daley

Chris Evans

Want to read the full survey? Click here

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Written by Jake Simpson – TheGayUK.com

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