Yuzima – Sex City

Quickly rising industrial post-punk rocker Yuzima brings the sexy to NYC's baddest borough Brooklyn with a Jim Fairfax directed music video starring none other than Yuzima himself.

Yuzima - Powerful
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Yuzima struts the industrial era streets of Dumbo instantly transforming them into a post-apocalyptic landscape where anything is possible.

Sex City Skanking
Sex City Skanking
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Yuzima sites iconic videos from Tina Turner’s “What’s love got to do
with it” to Guns N’ Rose’s “Welcome to the jungle” as inspirations. He says, “I was walking on the cobblestone streets and strutting and all of a sudden I felt some of the spirit of those folks. I new it was a hundred percent me. But I’ve always admired them so I don’t mind getting a little from some of my favorite acts.”

Yuzima’s new album The Machine is highly anticipated, with rave reviews of the first single “Anarchy” calling it “f@cking flawless”, “raucous” and “bad-ass”, on top of accolades from Afropunk, Gayletter, Cover Me, Under The Radar, Louder than War and more. The album will be out later this year.


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