Is it “moderate” to hate gays and women?

Mufti Menk
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The existence of violent Islamists has enabled many deeply reactionary Islamic preachers to claim the mantle of being “moderate” because they do not support jihadism.

An example is Mufti Menk, who is something of a rock star among Islamic preachers. He has almost 200,000 followers on twitter, was trained as a cleric in Saudi Arabia and is based in Zimbabwe.

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This month, Mufti Menk will be touring British Universities.

But look closely at Menk’s opinions, and his declaration of believing in tolerance and harmony falls apart. Menk promotes hatred of gays and apologises for stoning, and yet in Britain, the promoter of such views can be hustled as a ‘moderate’ and perform a tour of University campuses, including the hallowed halls of Oxford.

Preaching Hate are moderate

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