The Sexy Vote 2013 : Cory Lee

Hot and sexy Cory Lee, Andrew Christian underwear model, are of course on the Sexy Vote 2013.

Cory Lee - Andrew Christian
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Cory Lee is an underwear model, blond hair, come-to-bed eyes (I can’t resist these eyes) and a lovely body but when you start to talk to him you can instantly tell that there is much more to this young man!

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As his story was divulged, I started to wonder what has kept this strong-minded person going, he has had more struggles in his young life than some people have in a full lifetime and here he is, still going strong and alive to tell the tale, read the interview at

Corry tells that he was born with the most severe case of tetralogy of fallot. There is a hole in my heart and some of my arteries never developed and the blood flow between my right and left lungs are way off balance because I only have one working valve.

So vote for wonderful Corry Lee here in the Sexy Vote 2013.

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