Best organisation of 2013 : Just a Ball Game ?

Just a Ball Game ? aim to raise awareness around LGBT issues, promote LGBT history, achievements change mind-sets, help to dispel myths and widen education in different cultures in a healthy active way.

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Just a Ball Game ?

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A campaign group which will help both grass roots and professional sports groups, organisations , authorities, along with governments, education establishments and trade unions build on the delivery of their existing work to deliver the core values of ‘SiR’ SAFETY-INCLUSION-RESPECT around LGBT people, sexual orientation and gender identity.

More information can be found at

Why ?

Just a Ball Game ? (JBG?), is not the biggest of organisations in the UK, but still doing a very important job. The founder Lindsay England are working tirelessly together with her JBG? team to wipe out LGBTphobia in sports.

Just a Ball Game ? (JBG?) has a good combination working with grass roots and professional sports, because JBG? understands that is important to create LGBTphobia free zone in grass roots as well as in professional environment.

So thank you for the hard work in 2013 and keep up the good work in 2014 as I know JBG? will do !

If you want to support JBG? then head over to their website and buy a JBG? t-shirt or a sticker or maybe both and show your support proudly.

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