Gays in Africa face rise in state-sponsored homophobia

Some think the apparent rise in state-sponsored homophobia could be a response to increased demands for human rights from the gay community.

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On Wednesday, Bernard Randall was told he had 12 hours to get out of Uganda. The expulsion was likely preferable to what he was facing after being charged with trafficking in obscene material: serious jail time.

The twist, though, is this. The obscene material — a video that showed Randall having sex with a man — was only discovered after someone broke into his home in Entebbe and stole his laptop. The video was given to a Ugandan newspaper.

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Yet it was the 65-year-old retired Briton who found himself in the dock.

On the surface, it appears as if Randall was lucky: he only had to leave his adopted country. But a man charged alongside Randall must stay in Uganda to face the courts alone. If convicted, he could face a seven-year prison sentence.


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