Lesbian band seeking contributions for LGBT-equality themed music video

All-lesbian band Perpetual Detour is seeking contributions for an LGBT equality-themed music video. The video will accompany their track “Little Earthquakes”, which appears on their upcoming 2nd album “Tired of the Scenery” in June 2014.

Perpetual Detour
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With the ongoing persecution occurring against LGBT individuals world-wide, the band wants to show the world that love looks the same, no matter who it is you love.

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How to Participate

The band is seeking the following types of content:

  • Show your love: A short 10 second video that shows the world what love means to you as an LGBT person. Examples:
  • Cuddling with your sweetie
  • Chilling at your favourite café
  • Dancing at the club

These clips should provide a visual snapshot of your relationship.

Please keep it PG!

  • Send a message: A video of you holding a short written sign with a message about LGBT equality. Examples:
  • A favourite quote about equality (properly attributed of course)
  • A short message you would like to share with the world
  • A brief sentence that describes some difficulties you’ve experienced because of being LGBT
  • A message of support (allies)

Keep it short – your message must be able to be read in 5-10 seconds.

  • All content should be sent to PDLittleEarthquakesVideo@gmail.com by March 24th, 2014. If your content is large, please use a service like WeTransfer. Be sure to provide the names of the people in the clip, your location, and your email address.
  • As a thank you, all participants will receive 3 digital tracks from Perpetual Detour’s upcoming album, “Tired of the Scenery”.

For more information, please go to www.perpetualdetour.com/littleearthquakes

Help us spread the campaign on twitter using #LittleEarthquakes

About Perpetual Detour

Perpetual Detour calls Halifax, Canada, home. This AC foursome’s melodic-rock sound hasbeen compared to the likes of Natalie Merchant, Coldplay and The Tragically Hip. Their second album “Tired of the Scenery” is set to be released in June, 2014. They were profiled in Curve magazine in 2012, and their LGBT-themed Lego video received a RightOutTV music video award in 2013.

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