Norwegian celebrities against Russian LGBT hate

Norwegian celebrities clearly states: Witch Hunt and harassment of minorities do not belong in the Olympics. - A clear expectation from the Norwegian people, sports politicians and Norwegian authorities to the Sochi, says initiator National Association for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LLH).

Photo by LLH - Anastasia Smirnova, coordinator for Coalition of the Russian LGBT-organizations and Bård Nylund, leader of LLH.
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Supporters of gays

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Only days before the Games kicks off in Olympic city Sochi has a number of Norwegian athlete celebrities, musicians and cultural figures made ​​themselves supporters of Russia’s gays. Among those who require Olympics kept free of discrimination actor Sven Nordin, comedian Knut Nærum, Linn Skåber and Anne-Kat Hærland, handball girls and the lesbian couple Anja and Gro Hammerseng-Edin and the brothers of the musician duo Circus Eliassen.

Want to contribute

The organization behind the campaign , LLH , started the initiative in solidarity with gay activists and human rights activists in the neighbouring country. – After several attempts to Norwegian sports politicians and the Norwegian Olympic Committee to talk human rights issue without results , we proposed the leading figures among the Norwegian people . , Says leader Bård Nylund . – The response to the proposal has been overwhelming . Support The answer is not only yes , many also carried on a desire to help .

Witch hunt on gays

The so-called anti – propaganda laws in Russia prohibits positive and neutral mention of homosexuality . It makes it impossible for gays to be themselves . Hardest it hit youngsters.

The consequence is a dangerous attitude change in Russia that weaken the legal protection of a vulnerable group of victims of violence and discrimination. – Yesterday we received notice from our Russian colleagues that a 9th grader is convicted of propaganda law and deprived of their parents just because she told her classmates about their orientation , said a shaken Nylund .

Greetings to sports celebrities

– The campaign has been named six principles for the Olympic Charter sixth principle states that all forms of discrimination are incompatible with the Olympic Movement .

– The Norwegian Olympic Committee refers always to the Olympic Charter when they refuse from responding to human rights violations, says Nylund . He believes the Olympic committee has forgotten one of the most important value : anti – discrimination. – We ask simply that the Olympic Committee adheres to its own principles .

Photo by LLH
Photo Caption : Anastasia Smirnova, coordinator for Coalition of the Russian LGBT-organizations and Bård Nylund, leader of LLH.

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