Out!rage – Oppression (Feat. Panti Bliss)

Two weeks ago, Irish drag queen Panti Bliss was invited to deliver the ‘noble call’ on the stage of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. Her powerful speech reignited the debate around homophobia in Ireland and spurred public expressions of support for TeamPanti.

Panti Bliss
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After watching Panti’s noble call speech on youtube, Dublin-based music maker Out!rage, so moved and inspired by Panti’s candour, decided to musically express his mutual feelings of oppression and quickly got to work.

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On Monday February 10th, an original mix was uploaded by Out!rage to soundcloud.com, which was subsequently shared by Panti Bliss, receiving over 3000 plays that day, with numerous supportive comments on Facebook and Twitter calling for the track to be made available on iTunes to send to number 1 in an effort to further maximise the spread and impact of Panti’s positive message. In the days that followed, new-to-the-music industry, Out!rage worked hard to get the track ready for release, with the support of professional producers

Panti’s now-iconic speech at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin has been sampled to great effect by newcomer Out!rage on this special track, Oppression. The powerfully delivered spoken word vocals come to the fore as they draw in the listener to Panti’s speech. With subtle yet infectious toe-tapping repitition, the wonderfully rich phrases bounce off the rumbling bassline with a niggling synth riff asking nicely to be included in the mix before Panti asks “Have you ever been on a crowded train with one of your best gay friends, and inside a tiny part of you is cringing because he is being so gay”. There is no time to reflect. Cue the brass band, emerging like something from a mardi-gras spectacle to liberate us from oppression, declaring equality through a catchy, boisterous and celebratory melodic section. Panti daringly proclaims the word “Homophobia” in relation to those who “Actively campaign for gay people to be treated less under the law”, putting it out there for all to reflect upon while the brass rings through with determination and heads held high.-

You can help send Panti Bliss to Number 1 in the charts by downloading the single ‘Oppression (Feat. Panti Bliss)‘ from Friday 21st Feb 2014.

All proceeds go to BeLonG To

Visit outragerecordings.com for the latest news & download information

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