‘To Sochi With Love’ Campaign

Family Equality Council, the national organisation which connects, supports, and represents the six million families with parents who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer in the United States and their six million children, today announced the launch of To Sochi With Love, a campaign to demonstrate solidarity with LGBTQ Russians during the Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia to be held February 7 through February 23.

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“We want to show LGBTQ Russians – and particularly those raising children – that they are not alone,” said Gabriel Blau, Executive Director. “Through sharing honest and simple declarations of love and support from our families to theirs, we hope that we can show the world what love looks like and help our friends in Russia stay strong during a difficult time.”

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In the months leading up to the Winter Games being held in Sochi, the Russian Government has escalated its persecution and marginalisation of its LGBTQ citizens, banning what it calls “homosexual propaganda,” banning adoptions by same-sex couples and single people from countries where same-sex marriage is legal, and threatening to pass a law that would mandate stripping LGBTQ parents of their parental rights.

“The situation in Russia is frightening,” added Blau. “As a father myself, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to try and raise a child and care for your family while fearing for your safety. If even one family sees a message from us and finds some comfort there, we have succeeded.”

To Sochi With Love is a platform that allows families from all over the world to upload and share images of hope and friendship with LGBTQ Russians, along with messages of support and solidarity. In the true spirit of the Olympic Games, the campaign seeks to foster camaraderie and cooperation across borders.

For more information about the campaign and a gallery of images and messages, please visit: www.familyequality.org

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