K Anderson – 14 Year Old Me

Introspective, but not maudlin, ’14 Year Old Me’ is a theremin-assisted acoustic number that looks back on the promises that K Anderson made to himself when he was younger, but didn’t quite manage to keep.

K Anderson
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The song captures the honesty and bluntness, which is becoming K Anderson’s signature. Comparisons can be drawn with other artists that excel at too-much-information storytelling, such as John Grant, Ani DiFranco and Jens Lekman.

The single will be released as a 28-page zine, which compiles letters written to the 14 year old versions of friends and followers, from far-flung places such as Sydney and San Francisco.

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‘What would I say to the 14 Year Old Me if he was in front of me now?’ K Anderson asks… ‘Well, I’d say, ‘No, it won’t make you blind!’’

Since he first sharing the song with the world it has been played a few times on BBC 6Music, with Tom Robinson stating on his show that the song is ‘possibly my favourite record of the year so far’.

So please enjoy K Anderson’s song “14 Year Old Me” below.

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