Are the media making it impossible for homosexual footballers?

Not since Justin Fashanu in the 1990's has a Premier League footballer come out as gay.

Gay Flag
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However, with statistics suggesting approximately one in 10 people are homosexual or bisexual, this figure should surely be much higher. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there is a social stigma surrounding gay men in sport. This is tragically emphasised by the case of the aforementioned Fashanu, who took his own life in 1998 following years of vile homophobic abuse and rumours regarding his personal life.

Admittedly huge strides have been made since then in sport, so much so that USA international Robbie Rogers, then of Leeds United, became just the second openly gay footballer in England last year. We have also seen England Women’s captain Casey Stoney admit that she also homosexual.

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Let’s imagine a Premier League player, greater in stature than Rogers, were to come out as homosexual or bisexual. The “circus” would be one hundred times more frantic. For somebody who is focused on becoming a top level professional it makes no sense to come out when all this intense media scrutiny will just hold you back.


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