RFSL Ungdom and Skeiv Verden is just hurting Europride with boycott

It seem like RFSL Ungdom (Sweden) and Skeiv Verden (Norway) and other groups don't like people that doesn't have the same views and opinions as they have or should we call it political correctness.

Solveig Horne Europride - 2014
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Is it RFSL Ungdom and Skeiv Verden that decide what is political correct ? Or is it up to each individuals to make up their own opinion ? Sweden and Norway has freedom of speech – but is it with limits for some people ?

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Are Solveig Horne allowed to have her own opinion even if RFSL Ungdom and Skeiv Verden doesn’t like her views ?

Solveig Horne is allowed to have her own opinion, even I don’t like all her previous statements – but then again I will judge her based on the action she do as a Norwegian minister for Equality and Social Inclusion instead of judge by what I or other think she will do.  Starting a boycott of Europride because of some statement before she became minister are not hurting Horne, but Europride. According to her own statement she has change views regarding earlier statement about LGBT persons – isn’t great that she has evolved and landed on the other side of the fence or is it more important hold on to the past  – she needs to be reminded of this even she says she has changed views.

What have RFSL Ungdom and Skeiv Verden said if Horne had said no to Europride ? In the eyes of RFSL Ungdom and Skeiv Verden she wouldn’t win either way in their eyes.

According to Blikk, Horne said this at the opening of Europride 2014 :

You have now come to experience summer’s perhaps most amazing adventure, Horne said while activists in the audience stood up and held posters with old statements from Horne himself.

She was not to tilt the stick and stuck to the script, which she pulled out enough a Norwegian fairy tale.

– Many will remember five years ago when Norway won Eurovision. This year, won Conchita Wurst, which shows that we have come a long way. But we still have a long way to go.

What has RFSL Ungdom and Skeiv Verden problem with this statement ? Probably nothing – they are just living in the past. Yes that is right – there are no one in the LGBT community that has said something stupid in the past or future and there are no racists the LGBT community. Not saying that Horne (I don’t believe she is either) is a racists but referring to some distasteful posters seen at the opening – The group must be members of always political correct group or something.

According to NRK Kveldsnytt tonight it was only 15 protesters at the opening. So it seems like there is minority that had a problem that Europride invited Horne to open the pride week.

I’ll rather enjoy the Europride than hunt down stupid statements.

Happy Pride!

Picture by Europride 2014 Oslo

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