RFSL and HIV Sweden launches campaign: Are you living with HIV? Request a review of the information requirements

According to the Infectious Diseases Act, persons living with HIV be served Conduct. Such a rule of conduct include the so-called information secrecy. RFSL and HIV Sweden now calling on people living with HIV to seek review of their conduct.

Hiv & Aids

– With the new state of knowledge about transmission risks, we believe that people living with HIV should not have to adapt their lifestyles to a conduct the person don’t need to have said Christian Antoni Möllerop, Deputy Chair of RFSL.

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On October 21, 2013 launched the then Smittskyddsinstitutet – SMI (now the Folkhälsomyndigheten) knowledge base “Infectivity in treated HIV infection”, the transmission risks of functioning antiretroviral therapy. It states that the risk of transmitting HIV to another is minimal when vaginal and anal intercourse in which a condom was used. It is also very low during anal and vaginal intercourse in which a condom was not used. Infectious Diseases Act (2004:168) § 2 of chapter 4 allow clinicians to provide individually designed Conduct. The same day, therefore sent Welfare out a clarification regarding infection control teams conduct (Dnr. 3.1-40828/2013) in which the authority states that people living with HIV and have a well-functioning treatment need not be served on any information requirement.

– Unfortunately, many people still believe that the virus is transmitted as if it was the flu, but that is not the case. However, it’s those who do not know they have HIV to transmit the virus to others and it is for these there is a very high risk of getting the virus transmitted. For the group is of course no obligation to disclose information which they know nothing and therefore does not have to tell, says Christian Antoni Möllerop.