Did country music’s gay star rebrand himself as straight?

Josey Greenwell signed a Nashville record deal in 2006. He was a 19-year-old blonde country singer who was out of the closet. Greenwell appeared on the cover of DNA magazine, and he went on Dr. Phil to talk about his career as a gay musician in a genre dominated by bros.

Nate Green / Josey Greenwell
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But by 2013, Josey Greenwell had disappeared. His Wikipedia page was deleted, and his social media pages were wiped clean.

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Then in April, this video was released by “debut artist Nate Green.”

Nate Green looked awfully familiar, because he was. Nate Green was Josey Greenwell “rebranded.” Only now, he was being marketed as a straight man.

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One fan actually got a message from Nate Green/Josey Greenwell stating that if he did not stop trying to post gay related comments on Nate Green’s sites he was going to use legal action against him, wehoconfidential.com reports.

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