Get ready – My Straight Son is coming to town !

Diego, a successful Venezuelan fashion photographer, lives a glamorous life of excess with his partner Fabrizio. The shallowness of their day-to-day adventures is put into stark perspective after a sudden tragedy leaves Fabrizio in a coma. To make matters worse, Armando’s estranged son arrives from Spain for an unexpected visit.

My Straight Son
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Bitter and full of insecurity, Armando has great trouble adjusting to his father’s sexuality and the LGBT lifestyle. In the midst of great emotional turmoil, Diego must try to find common ground with his temperamental son and learn that family, friends and love are the real ingredients to a happy, fulfilling life.

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My Straight Son (Azul no tan rosa) is first Venezuelan film to win ‘Best Spanish film’ at the GOYA Awards (2014).

My Straight Son trailer

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