It’s hard to be always perfect, RFSL

It was last Friday that RFSL Kronoberg leader Joacim Benes in referred to beggars as parasites on his Facebook page. Now he leaves his post and resign with immediate effect.

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According to, Joacim Benes regrets the statement and apologised for it, but this seems not to be enough for RFSL and he needs to leave his post.

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I support Joacim Benes right to freedom of speech and since he published it on his own Facebook account – this is his private opinions and clearly it’s forbidden to have his own opinions.

I can agree with RFSL that, it was not a good choice of words – but who can be perfect all the time? not me and can promise you that RFSL are not perfect either. People can do wrong and afterwards can see the mistake, RFSL should be forgiving. I can clearly see it’s not any room for forgiveness within RFSL. That is really sad.

Swedish political correctness in general 

It must be hard to always to act political correct – in any situation, but it seems that in Swedish society it no other way to go. One of the first thing I hear when I came to Sweden was – showing that you’re proud to be a Swede – it’s a racist act. What ? (I still don’t understand it – after living in Sweden for several years) and since then I’ve heard that comment several times. Who have said that I’ve asked and I always get the same answer – It’s not the people that has got asylum or refugees or beggars, but native Swedes with political correctness has come up with that. The political correctness people hasn’t bothered to ask the people that they assume has these feelings if they really feel like they are assuming.

All Swedes and other people can wave the Swedish flag proudly on the 6th of June and it’s not an racist act, anyone that says otherwise has misunderstood the meaning of the word racism and needs to be educated on the matter. Of course I know there are racist groups that uses the Swedish flag as their symbol of nationalism – political correctness people needs to understand they are giving the racist groups power of the Swedish flag – take it back and using it as symbol of unity for everyone . Be proud to be a Swede – A Swede can have any colour on the skin – A Swede can be LGBT or straight. The common thing  for all of these Swedes are they love their blue and yellow colours on their flag.

Note from the Editor: If RFSL wants to make a comment to this article they are welcome to do so – just use our contact form and will publish it.

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