Norwegians and Swedes fights about one million prize – it’s just Big Brother

Pia Lykke and Swedish Adam Alsing will jointly host the Big Brother 2014 from Sunday August 31 at 21:00 they will open the doors and let the competitors into the house. Both Norwegians and Swedes fight this time about one million prize.

Big Brother 2014 - Norway/Sweden
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This year’s Big Brother participants are picked out as the strongest personalities from both Sweden and Norway. They still do not know each other’s identity, and waiting to be put in complete isolation for a few days before the premiere broadcast. When the pursuit of one million – the largest reality prize – set in motion, waiting over 100 days of constant camera surveillance.

Those, however, have already begun to get to know each other’s Pia Lykke and Swedish Adam Alsing. There are two well-known, popular and versatile TV stars together to take command of one of TV’s most legendary programs. Both have been presenters for the same TV concept, Norway Got Talent (Norske Talenter) and Sweden Got Talent (Talang Sverige), so there is nothing to say on the experience of live broadcasts.

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Swedish taking Olympic floka

Both also have a history of Big Brother. Pia who touches a director in 2001 and Adam as program host between 2000 and 2005, when he also was the producer.

– Adam is unpretentious, professional and very funny. I think he’s a real celebrity in Sweden, but I know that, fortunately, not so much, because I had probably just been starstruck. Besides, his knows whole Olympic floka song from Lillehammer consecutively, so should it arise language problems, we can just do that, says Pia Lykke.

Adam is one of Sweden’s most popular presenters on both television and radio. Besides Big Brother, he has overseen the Jeopardy and Fotbollsgalan. The news of his return to Big Brother has created great enthusiasm in social media.

– Big Brother wake of a huge commitment from people. It is wonderful to be back and to be working with Pia. She is an absolutely superb host that I look forward to working with these hundred crazy day, says Adam Alsing.

Big Brother premieres Sunday 31 August, 21.00, and will go on FEM in Norway and Kanal 9 in Sweden.

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