Missing Daniel Godø from Norwegian “Farmen”

Sunday 5th of October he lost the weekly fight in TV2's Farmen - but before he left - he came out to everyone.

Daniel Godø - Farmen 2014 - TV 2 Norway
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When I saw Daniel Godø for the first time in Farmen’s season opening, my gaydar went off the charts – but again was this just only wishful thinking – because he was my type of guy ?

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So when I saw the heartfelt coming out scene – everyone with a heart – needed to wipe a few tears from the cheeks – I just wanted to hug him hard and long.

According to Dagbladet.no – he is single and got some suitor letters.

I guess, he also helped other LGBT persons that can easily identify with him, taking the step and come out as well.

So Mr Farmen Daniel Godø, welcome out and thank you for giving me the eye-candy I needed on a dark autumn evening, so please pick me :P and I’m missing you on my tv screen.

Photo : TV 2 Norway


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