My2024 Launches

The Arcus Foundation and the Institute for the Future (IFTF) have launched My2024, a 10-day national online event, that asks the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community to help shape their personal and collective futures in the United States in the year 2024.

My 2024

The dialogue begins today with a live, fast-paced 48-hour online event, mapping the future hopes and concerns held among LGBTQ participants that will result in the My2024 Declaration— a public manifesto expressing ideas for change to positively impact the LGBTQ movement in the next decade. Participants spend the remaining days of the campaign shaping those ideas into tangible missions and sharing them with the world through videos, images, and stories that illustrate the future they want.

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“The LGBTQ movement has made significant strides in recent years, but there is much to be done —from expanding upon our successes across the country to tackling obstacles in employment, education, health, and personal safety,” said Kevin Jennings, Arcus’ Executive Director. “By bringing together as many of our voices and perspectives as possible through My2024, we can build a more inclusive movement and elevate the visibility and full range of concerns facing the entire community.”

“At IFTF, we know that online social platforms and games are powerful tools for breaking through the limits of our current thinking. They use collaboration, competition, and creativity to build cooperation toward tangible change,” said Jason Tester, IFTF Research Director. “By bringing together as many of our voices and perspectives as possible, we can imagine new futures beyond the prevailing LGBTQ agenda of today and provide inspiration and a pathway to make that real change.”

The Arcus Foundation and the Institute for the Future sum up the My2024 campaign with a call to action: “Is there a future for the LGBTQ movement? No, there are thousands. One of them is yours. Help build the future of the movement. We need your voice.”

More than 60 local and national LGBTQ organizations from across the movement have joined this campaign as My2024 partners, with a large number of their individual constituents pledging their participation. For more information and a full list of My2024 partners, visit:

My2024 is the first in a series of future-focused LGBTQ events now being planned for the coming months by a number of movement partners.

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