Norwegian Website for young people: “Better to live alone than in a gay relationship”

In an ask column at get insecure adolescents the answer that homosexuality is wrong and that masturbation is a form of drug.

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The Christian youth website has it own column, where young readers can get answer on their questions about the body, sex, relationships and identity.

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“It is better to live alone than to go into a romantic and sexual relationship with a person of the same sex,” get young people who are unsure of their sexual orientation as an answer.

The Salvation Army, which is listed as one of the 15 organizations behind the website has now withdrawn that support.

Leader of the national group of Health Nurses for youth in Norway part of the Union of Nurses, Sykepleierforbundet, Kristin Sofie Waldum represent professions that are used to answer questions from young people. She is puzzled by the number of responses given by

Read more at warns young people about use of the service provided by – The answer are based on the bible and has a hidden agenda and it’s not to help you, but to spread their own propaganda – young people should rather ask a Health Nurse any questions about body, sex, relationships and identity to get an objective answer. and the truth.  Young people can also use (center for youth health, relationships and sexuality) or Youth Phone – Ungdomstelefonen – or call 810 00 277. – Chat anonymously about everything about sex and relationships.

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