A*Base – Never gonna say I´m sorry

It's time for next generation Swedish nostalgia, last time the Swedes was doing nostalgic pop music was with A-Teens and ABBA hits, this time around it's time to go back to the 90's and Ace of Base hits with the new pop band called A*Base. Last time it was a big success - do I smell a new Swedish pop music era on it's way ? Don't say you wasn't warned....

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The A*Base history

The project that has been surrounded by hard work and secrecy for over two years is now ready to be revealed. A*Base, a teen-group covering the very successful songs by Ace of Base.

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A*Base is a pop music group from Stockholm, Sweden, formed by Ari Letennen & Martin Orrebrink in 2012 as an Ace of Base tribute band.

They are composed of four teens from Stockholm, beginning their work on the debut album Happy Generation in 2012, two years later the group signed with Ninetone Records and the first single release is 14/11 2014.”Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry

Ace of Base history

Ace of Base was a Swedish pop group, originally consisting of Ulf “Buddha” Ekberg and three siblings, Jonas “Joker” Berggren, Malin “Linn” Berggren and Jenny Berggren.

The band was synonymous with the nineties or is it maybe even the other way ‘round? The Swedish hit factory released four studio albums between 1993-2002, selling a breathtaking 40 million copies worldwide.

This makes them the third biggest band in the history of Swedish music after other giants like ABBA and ROXETTE.

Happy Nation/The Sign is one of the best-selling debut albums of all time, and was certified nine times platinum in the United States. It was the first debut album to produce three number 1 singles on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart: “All That She Wants”, “The Sign” and “Don’t Turn Around”.

A*Base members

Matilda Lundberg, 15 years from Rydaholm

She has a long list of competing in various talent shows with good results.

As a four-year-old, Matilda started singing and playing the guitar, mostly playing popular easy-listening  songs in the comfort of the families living room, needless to say, much has happened since then.
She is very easy to work with and she brings a lot of great ideas and solutions to thetable. Her style and personality is best described as a tough and rocking.

Malin Enstedt, 15 years from Stockholm

Has been singing and dancing since a very young age. She and a friend have had a band of their own and they have been recording in a professional studio with producers and songwriters reaching a good level of success amongst their peer teens with their music video.

She is a huge talent and it all comes easy to her in the studio as well as the rehearsal room. Malin is very responsive with a fantastic voice for pop.

Her personality is cool and tough.

Alexander Beyer,16 years from Klippan in the south of Sweden

As a student in the Academy of Music and Business education Alexander has gained attention from teachers, the principal as well as the founder and billboard veteran Andreas Carlsson

He has a great level of experience from performing in various talent shows combined with a passionate interest for theaters and musicals.

With an international sounding voice and a slightly introvert style, Alexander is classified as the mysterious of the four.

Emil Henrohn, 17 years from Växjö

Started out as a five-year-old in the local choir and has since then moved towards the theatre stages where he has been in many renowned shows. In recent years Emil has also participated in several talent show with great results. His style and personality is a mixture between the elegant and rowdy which is a hard mix to master for a teenager. Words like “joy” and “clown” are used to describe Emil in the group but also “warmth” and “laughter”

Buy Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry with A*Base.

Buy Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry with A*Base.

A*Base Facebook : www.facebook.com/abaseofficial

A*Base Twitter : twitter.com/abaseofficial

A*Base Instagram : instagram.com/abaseofficial

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