The Norwegian Church Gay Trauma

The Church message of love disappears in the bitter controversy over homosexuality. Now sharpened fronts further.

Gay Flag
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The conservative part have gained much power in the Norwegian Church after the state church system was abolished. After the church even got the authority to appoint bishops, it has just appointed men. At least two of the three new bishops oppose that gays should get married in church. Much indicates that the third also share this view.

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Before these new appointment was a clear majority among the bishops for gay marriage. Now the college of bishops probably split down in the middle. After church upper body, the General Synod, this spring said no to that gays can marry in the church, thousands of members resigned in protest.

The next church election is next year, under municipal – and county elections in September. But mobilisation on both sides are well underway.

Next autumn, church members for the first time have a real choice. They can vote on a list they know consists of liberal candidates who want marriage equality.


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