How reddit guided one single dad to gently coax his son to open up about his homosexuality

Single dad discovered his son's Google searches and turned to reddit for help

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A single dad who stumbled upon some Google searches suggesting his son is gay took to reddit for advice on how subtly coax the news out of the 13-year-old.

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The redditor, who goes by the screen name HeMeYou, posted his touching query earlier this month and the story and how it touchingly played out has since gone viral.
The original post began: ‘I’m 38, and a single dad to my 13 year old son…the other day I asked my son if I could borrow his iPad…I noticed that he forgot to delete his history as a lot of the search terms were along the lines of “I’m gay what now?” etc…’

HeMeYou wanted to know how to proceed with his son to make sure the boy understood ‘I love him regardless of which gender he loves.’
The response from fellow redditors was swift.

‘Google “how to tell my son I will love and support him no matter what” and leave it in his search history. :)’ said the top commenter.


If every mum and dad was like this dad – it wouldn’t be a problem for a young person coming out. Father of the year !

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