Turkish Halil Dincdag came out as gay in 2009 – then he wasn’t longer accepted as football referee

Halil Dincdag was labeled as mentally ill and stricken from the Turkish football referee list when he came out as gay. Now he fights for restitution.

Turkey Gay Flag
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I’m not afraid anymore, says Halil Dincdag. It can’t be worse, said the 38-year-old when he was in Germany this week to tell his story and receive an award from an organisation that fights against homophobia.

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Halil Dincdag referee career went straight up as long as he remained in the closet. When he came out, he was denied to continue as a football referee. It has lasted for four years, but he is now suing the Turkish football association ( Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu) so he can be a football referee again. He also claiming for financial compensation.

The case will continue in Turkish court, this Friday.

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