7 days left to finance Italian G&T – Hurry up! Your support is needed!

The winner of MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk’s “The LGBT series of the year 2014″ and after two seasons and 44 million viewers later - Season 3 might be on the way and you can make sure that will happen by supporting G&T team with little money.

G & T - Season 3 - 2015

I can’t forget my big crush on Matteo Rocchi, who could resist his Italian charm ? Not me and I’m sure you have your own favourite too (oh yes I’m very jealous on Francesco D’Alessio‘s character). I’m asking you all to support the LGBT series of the year 2014.

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Helping the G&T team to create the season 3 of the Italian G&T webseries is important not only for LGBT community in Italy, but even LGBT community all over the world. The series is so authentic and you can easily put your self in the different characters place and that makes the G&T so special and important to help giving birth to the 3rd season. And I’m sure it will be lot of gay drama with an Italian twist – and I love that and I’m sure you’ll too.

Head over and donate today before it’s to late – kickstarter.com