Detours Announces the Start of Gay Spain Trips in 2016

One of the leading gay tour operators has added a new destination to their popular trips by including Spain. It gives people looking for fun exotic adventures a total of five holiday destinations to experience the unique Detours brand of fun and relaxation.

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Detours Travel, the gay adventure tour operator has announced they are launching a 5th destination with 12-day group trips starting in Spain in May 2016. The new destination will give their loyal customers more holiday destinations to choose from.

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Within 24 hours of the official launch on July 15th, overwhelming demand forced the addition of two extra 2016 departures as two full scheduled trips sold out almost instantly with excited travellers.

The popular gay tour operator already provides trips to Thailand, Costa Rica, Greece and Peru, and with 5 Spanish trips in 2016 they have become one of the most popular international gay tour operators.

Spain has so much to offer from the stunning architecture, romantic cities, white sandy beaches, great food, and amazing adventure opportunities. Detours trips will give people the chance to experience everything that Spain has to offer. The new Spain 12-day trips will give travellers the chance to experience the wonders of Barcelona, Granada, Seville and Sitges. With so much fun on offer, 12 days may not seem long enough.

Miles Mitchinson, the Adventure Director of Detours Travel said: “Our newly announced trips will continue with the same travel concept that has made us one of the leading international gay tour operators. Our travel philosophy is more about fun and spontaneity than about a rigid daily structure.”

The price for the trip is $2190 USD and includes all taxes, land and air transportation within Spain, accommodations, breakfast during the stay, group travel within Spain, Barcelona and Seville city tours, and more.

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