Italian G&T web series Season 3 Needs your support, Now !

The winner of's "The LGBT series of the year 2014" and after two seasons and 44 million viewers G&T needs the viewers and fans to help them out to finance season 3.

G & T - Season 3 - 2015
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The crowdfunding campaign has already started on the Kickstarter.

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After an adventure that started two years ago with many ambitions and no budget, G&T, the first Italian gay web series, which reached 44 millions viewers on Youtube and was noticed and mentioned by international LGBT magazines such as “OUT”, starts a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finance the production of season three.

“We already have ideas and to realise them in the best way possible, we are absolutely need of the support from those fans who showed us how much they believed in our project”, stated Francesco D’Alessio and Matteo Rocchi, main actors, scriptwriters and directors of the series.

«In Italy it’s still difficult to find sponsors who are willing to support a project with a subject like this, in our country, is still “uncomfortable” to most, but we want to go on with this series that has left a permanent mark into the Italian gay world, just like it did in the web series world.

All the gay realities in Italy, from the single boy to social and cultural associations, saw something useful in G&T : It’s necessary to tell those stories that are still untold, to represent a world that it’s still regarded with contempt and seen as “different”».

These are the reasons why G&T’s team has decided to reach out to all of them who see’s the potential of this work, those who feel represented by Giulio and Tommaso and those who want to see where they and the other characters’ stories are heading.

A project that has been noticed all over the world, despite the low budget for it’s realisation, needs to have the chance to express all it’s potential.

The campaign has already started on Kickstarter .

You can support G&T with donation starting from 5 euros, and all the supporters are going to receive a little gift from Giulio and Tommaso.

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