Nordic Wear with a LGBT-phobic campaign

The Swedish clothing chain Nordic Wear took a strong stance against LGBT people on Monday.

Nordic Wear of hate

With a new campaign image on their Facebook page they show how a family consisting of a mother, a father and two children protecting themselves from a burst of rainbow colours with an umbrella.

Unfortunately, we do not sell umbrellas. But if we did, they would have worked like this!

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According to, Nordic Wear response to all the protests of their homophobic campaign this :

Wow, what attention it got around our commitment to a traditional family! Despite nearly 70 notifications on the image and several treats – we will of course not fold down for gay fascists, we believe in democracy and freedom.

And now are Nordic Wear offering their customers 10% off for the support for their homophobic campaign. Buying from this company are equal to supporting homophobia and transphobia.