Obama Faces 5000 Naked Anti-Gay Protesters

In the interview, Mr Kidaha who is leading a protest as President Obama visits Kenya, where he'll face "5000 naked' anti-LGBT protesters who don't like his "aggressive stance on gay marriage". In the interview he says gays are "destructive" to the environment and although they shouldn't be banned - they should be stoned or hanged.

President Obama
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Transcript: audioBoom news interview with Vincent Kidaha, Leader of Kenyan Republican Liberty Party

Kenyan interview Transcript: Mr. Vincent Kidaha – Party Leader (RLP)

Jamie Wareham: Why are you doing this protest?

Vincent Kidaha: It’s to protect African family values. To show President Obama there is a difference between a Man and a woman. We’ll have about 5000 members setting off in the streets naked.

JW: What exactly are you hoping to achieve?

VK: The point we are trying to make is there is a difference between a man and a woman. We are saying respect our culture, Africa we don’t accept same sex relationships. We don’t allow homosexuality that is not in African culture that is why couples can only marry when they are man and wife.

JW: But how does getting naked make that point?

VK: We are being naked to send the message loud so Obama can see that africans are not happy with his aggressive attempts for same sex marriage.

JW: In UK LGBT have legal rights, Kenya doesn’t. So just explain why being gay is such a problem

VK: In UK gays have rights, In Africa they don’t. Gay is not a human right. You can not have sex with people that doesn’t fit in with african family values.

JW: The way you describe gay people, is done with evil and harm. Isn’t that against your family values?

VK: We are not doing this from a religious perspective. It’s environmental conservation. We are conserving the environment. We see gays as destructive to the environment. We are saying they are negative value to Africa. As Africans we are here to protect our countries and culture.

We africans don’t buy into UK LGBT rights because those people who are in charge, in government, are not protecting rights they are protecting behavioural changes.

JW: How Do Gay people hurt the environment?

VK: We don’t think gay people should be banned, we think they should be stoned. They should be stoned to death.

JW: That’s a painful way to die

VK: It’s not painful, it’s actually its less painful than the judgment they will receive. It is not painful.

JW: Would you be happy to have stones thrown at you?

VK: Yes, I would be Happy if that’s what’s needed that’s why we are recommending if not stoned they be hanged.

JW: Lets go back to the protest, isn’t having naked people indecently exposing themselves protesting about an act you consider indecent, contradictory?

VK: We will carry banners and placards, but we will not have clothes. There will be separation between a man and a woman – They will not walk as man and woman naked walking together, definitely a bit of distance. There will be a marshal directing the protesters.

Our main objective is for Obama to see us from a far, the news of the protest will have already reached him.

JW: So 5000 people being naked in front of the President of the United States is not indecent?

VK: Yes undressing is indecent, but not as indecent as people accepting homosexuality. We as africans are used to walk naked, we are not offended. In Africa we are not ready like the UK is to accept gay people, by giving them green cards.

JW: You’re passion seems to be fuelled by hate

VK: We don’t want to hurt gay people

JW: But you want to stone them?

VK: We want to sound idealistic on behalf of Africa, preserve our environment, our nature, our family. We value that.

JW: Humour me, why not just live alongside Gay people? It’s not like they are aggressively trying to convert people. You don’t have to be gay yourself

VK: We are very protective. We want to thank the Kenyan government, Cameroonian, Nigerian governments for protecting our values. We are working within the confines of our country though.

JW: Public opinion tends to change in countries that are ok with LGBT people, when people realise they know someone that is gay or trans. I wonder what would happen if a member of your family came out?

VK: My family members have no problem speaking like this.

JW: But what if one is, how do you image they would be feeling?

VK: If a member of my family happened to be a gay, then I would defend them probably, and start to give them good direction to become a good person because I understand that they may be confused, or be promised things by a chap someone else. I’d explain there is no need to be to be a servant to Europe, Africa is a better place. We are civilised and being gay is not our values.

I don’t think a member of my family who knows very well my views, I don’t think they would accept gay in. We have a community, a tribe, with cultural family values.

JW: I hid being gay for years, It was miserable. I’d imagine if they are gay they’d be scared of you.

VK: I don’t think they would be corrupt. Currently we are going to be sending a very loud message my protesting nakedly.

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