15 years with MySoCalledGayLife !

Today for 15 years ago MySoCalledGayLife was born and we want everyone to celebrate !

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October 17, 2ooo – MySoCalledGayLife saw the day of light and started as a link site for the Norwegian LGBT community in English, but since then a lot have changed with the site.

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It was in August 2001 MySoCalledGayLife got it’s own domain – MySoCalledGayLife.com.

In beginning the site was static, so each news story was created as a file and the front page needed to be updated manually every time a new story was published. The sad part is that we have lost stories from 2000 – 2009 in a computer crash it seems – since we can’t find the database so we could convert it to the system we uses today. But should we find it in all our backups from that time we will surely add those stories to our new system.

This week we even managed to transfer all stories from our Scandinavia site (GayAsUs.com) so now are MySoCalledGayLife even covering Scandinavia more closer than every and we even think : is like we are going back to our roots, where the all started for 15 years ago in Norway.

After the great success of MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk that was launched December 28, 2012 after the success of GayQube.com (Now a music site with a LGBT twist) in Ireland  – the decision to merge MySoCalledGayLife.com was made in May this year – the merger is not completed yet – since it’s lot of content that needs to be transferred carefully and add to it’s new home – MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk.

So Happy Birthday everyone – and thank you for the support through the years and we hope you’ll continue to support us in the future.



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