Justin Bieber’s Watergate : spills water on the stage and ending up leaving the concert

A new Justin Bieber scandal in Oslo, Norway. The plan was to have a mini concert that should be aired on one of Norway's biggest tv channels in November, that plan suddenly changed after one song.

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend
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The first reports, was that some Justin Bieber fans got the blame that they had spilled water on the edge of stage, but now a new video has emerged that are showing what really happen. The fans that was blamed got hate messages on social media, blaming them for Justin Bieber leaving the stage, VG.no reports. Now everyone knows, Justin Bieber are the only one to blame.

Justin Bieber – him self spilled the water

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Then Justin Bieber gets something to remove the water spill and start yelling at the fans and few seconds later ending up I’m not doing the show and leaving the stage.

Norwegian TV2 was taping the show, so they could create a mini concert with Justin Bieber – the agreement was that he should sing 5 or 6 songs – but ended up only singing one song “Boyfriend”.

The TV channel says that Justin Bieber has breached the agreement with them to VG.no. Universal in Norway says it wasn’t any contract that said that he should sing 6 song, but the “intention” was that Justin Bieber should sing 6 songs VG.no reports. Maybe now Justin Bieber needs the water, to put out the fire of this unprofessional behaviour…

Sorry… Not Justin’s song…..

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