Major issues facing Church selected as themes for Limerick Synod

Areas of concern among some of the 4,000 respondents to a questionnaire informing the first Synod to take place in Limerick for 70 years include gay marriage and equality for gay people, themes which are “very much on the agenda” ahead of the 2016 think tank.

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A recent meeting of over 300 delegates drawn from the Limerick Diocese – some 70% of whom are lay people –selected themes ahead of the Synod following a ‘listening process’ that took place during the first half of this year.

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The six themes for the Synod, whittled down from a shortlist of 12, are Community and Sense of Belonging, Faith Formation, Pastoral Care of the Family, New Models of Leadership, Liturgy and Life and Young People.

Under the thematic heading of Pastoral Care of the Family, areas of concern referenced by respondents included the role of parents and guardians in passing on the faith, separation and divorce, second relationships and caring for children, gay marriage and equality for gay people.

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