Norwegian School Parents Group Refuses Boy (15) To Join Classmate On a School Trip

The Committee believes 15-year-old has failed to follow school well enough to join themed trip to Poland. This is exclusion and bullying, says his parents.

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We got a tip about this Norwegian story – it’s heart breaking – and we will point out this is not a LGBT story, but a story about how adult people teach their children that not everyone in their children’s school class are equal. Since we in the LGBT community fights for equality for everyone – we think this 15 year old boy needs the support, because of his human rights has been violated by this Norwegian School Parents Group.

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In autumn holiday for Norwegian School children was around 140 youths and adults traveling from Klepp Ungdomsskule on empiric theme tours to Poland with the white buses (Dei kvite bussane), that has become a tradition for many school children in Norway.

A committee composed by duck of the parents group is behind the trip, thus not in school its auspices. Just four weeks before departure the committee informed the 15 years old boy parents that they didn’t want their son on the trip, reports.

The parents of the 15 year old lad has reacted strongly to this decision.

It’s completely horrible, I am completely broken. Parents says they gets bellyache just to think about it, and can hardly imagine how he (son) has it. This is pure harassment. Adult persons who exclude and bully young boy like that. Their son are having problems, but in-addition he will experience this as well, says the mother of boy to

This tour has been planned for 2 years and the boy wanted to go on the trip to Poland and parents had paid for their child fully and the boy was looking forward to the trip. Parents has got all the money refunded.

Klepp Ungdomsskule are located in the Norwegian bible belt area – so you can wonder were is the good Christians ? Is this good Christian behaviour, excluding a child, bullying a child, breach human rights of a child, breaking a child’s rights, we could go on – but we rather say as Jesus  said :

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

And everyone are Children of God – and Jesus was his son – and he didn’t exclude anyone as the Norwegian School Parents Group at Klepp Ungdomsskule did. The School Parents Group has not given any valid reason why the 15 year old could not join his class on the trip.

We stand by the boy and his parents and demand equality for everyone in the school class of Klepp Ungdomsskule.


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