The disabled gay activist who had to crawl off his United Airlines flight

Internet commentors turned on D'Arcee Neal after he was forced to crawl off his flight when his wheelchair didn't turn up.

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He had just flown five hours from San Francisco to his hometown of D.C. without a bathroom break because his cerebral palsy prevented him from using the United Airlines toilets. Then he had waited the usual fifteen minutes for the plane to empty before someone could help him exit in a special narrowly built wheelchair. But the wheelchair never came.

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So D’Arcee waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Until finally, he could wait no longer. As stunned flight attendants looked on, 29-year-old Neal fell to the floor and proceeded to drag himself roughly 50 feet to the airplane’s door, where his own wheelchair was waiting for him.

“There is a contingent of the Internet thinks that I’m faking or I’m opportunistic and I just want to get paid,” Neal said. “Somebody even said that I was doing it to raise the profile of Black Lives Matter, which I was really offended by.”


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