I’m Mats, 10 years old and transgender

Norwegian television series «Born in the wrong body»/«Født i feil kropp» by TV2 Norway changed transgender Mats (10) life.

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This text is written by Mats Wibe (10) :

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My name is Mats. I am 10 years old and I’m transgender. That means I was born with a girl’s body, and everyone thought that I’m the girl, but in the heart and the brain :  I’m a boy.

It’s hard when your body says something else than your brain, but that’s how I was born so I just have to live with it. For me, I have told quite early compared to many other transgender people.

When I was 7-8 years, I told my mom and dad, but they hadn’t heard so much about it before, so I did simply wasn’t allowed. Then I began to pretend I was a girl again.

Time passed and my parents began to understand it a little more. So I started with my family to look at a program called “Born in the wrong body” which was aired on TV2 in Norway.

Where it was about the lives of other transgender people. After the series, I told them this is how I’m experience it. When my parents realised what it was and what it was all about. Without the series is not certain I had been Mats today.

Read more www.ha-halden.no (Norwegian)

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