I Am Gay! Pastor Urges Parents To Love Their Homosexual Children, Pray For Them

Our 16-year-old child tells you it is time for a heart to heart as there is something that he or she cannot deal with anymore. You are all prepared to have that 'responsible young adult' talk with your child, thinking you already figured out the direction the conversation will be going, but then that child rocks your world by telling you the last thing you want to hear - he or she is gay!

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The pastor points out that with God, nothing is impossible even reversing those feelings your child has developed.

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On the contrary, the Reverend Dr Edina Bayne, associate pastor and member of the American Association of Christian Counselors said the last thing parents should do is make their child’s problem about themselves.

“Do not deny the child what they think they are feeling. Because at that age, they are not sure of what their emotions are,” she said.

Baynes said parents should engage their children in conversation so they feel safe in talking.

Many parents start to fall apart when this situation faces them and instead, internalise the issue. They make it about them and start losing focus.

Samuels reminds Christian parents especially not to crumble, but instead they should remember that they can receive strength by relying on God.

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