Premium Web Series Spotlights African American Lesbian Experience

New York based executive producer, Charzette Torrence is gearing up for the 2016 launch of her new premium scripted digital series, Jillian’s Peak.

Jillian’s Peak
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The web drama follows the journey of Jillian Thomas, an African American woman from Detroit, discovering her true sexual orientation. Jillian faces a myriad of challenges in the areas of love, family and career, while trying to come to terms with who she is. This LGBTQ true life drama is based on Torrence’s own life story and told in 8-10 minute increments over a 12-episode first season.

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“I created Jillian’s Peak because I wanted to see lesbians of colour and African Descent reflected in a quality web series,” said Torrence, Creator, Co-Writer and Co-Executive Producer of Jillian’s Peak. “Our stories are extremely underrepresented across the film industry, including on the web. I set out to spotlight the real issues confronting our day to day experiences, including: going to work, the pressures of dealing with family and friends, going to church, and dealing with the full gamut of grown folks’ issues. It is my quest to shine a light on our community, show the depth of our experiences, and depict real stories that are rarely told.”

Jillian’s Peak chronicles the life of Jillian Thomas, a woman in conflict. She is a successful photographer and wife from Detroit who disrupts the picture-perfect all-American dream that she has been encouraged to live. Jillian makes makes the excruciating decision to fully live her life as it was meant to be, to understand what will truly make her happy, and to explore her constant worries over her relationship with her husband Keith. But mostly, she seeks to explore a hidden nagging question:  “Am I a Lesbian?” Jillian pursues her truth in New York, living with Gail, her best friend from college. Gail is a self-assured lesbian who challenges Jillian’s ideas and beliefs about herself and her life.

“As we continue to fundraise to get this series off the ground, we’ve offered viewers the chance to meet many of the characters who will star in Jillian’s Peak, through online introductions,” Torrence said. “We’re working hard to write a quality script, continuing our casting calls, and building our production team so we can begin filming. Our hope is to eventually persuade HBO, Showtime, Logo, Amazon, Netflix, Fox or other traditional and online media channels, to take an interest in our series and give us the backing to take this to the next level.”

Jillian’s Peak will begin filming its pilot episode in the spring of 2016 and the series will officially premiere in the late summer or early fall of 2016.

To learn more about Jillian’s Peak and the full production team behind the effort, visit:

Get to know the characters in the series by visiting Jillian’s Peak Meet UPS on YouTube playlist:

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