Ugandan presidential candidate Abed Bwanika : Vote for me and I will cure all gays

People’s Development Party (PDP) president Abed Bwanika has promised victory in 2016, vowing to tap into six million people who did not turn up to cast their vote in 2011.

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The 48-year-old veterinarian, politician and pastor, said when elected president, he will set up a moral re-correction centre that will tackle social evils such as corruption and homosexuality since “Uganda is no area for homosexuality”.

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“We cannot accept to be pushed into homosexuality by the West. All homosexuals (in Uganda) will be rehabilitated because they have demons and we have specialists to chase out demons,” Dr Bwanika told his youth-dominated audience at his maiden rally in Nsambya sharing hall, Kampala, after nomination yesterday.


Ugandan President candidate Abed Bwanika are either plain stupid or he is just lying to the Ugandan voters. Since he is a pastor he knows that he shouldn’t lie… The only demons in Uganda are homophobia. Countries should start to put demands behind the aid they are giving to Uganda. By not doing it,  the west are sponsoring state homophobia in Uganda.

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