Best European Documentary of 2015 : The Queen of Ireland

The Queen of Ireland are about Panti Bliss (AKA Rory O’Neill) and she is Ireland’s premiere drag stand up and a successful businesswoman.

The Queen of Ireland
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In recent years she has become an activist and campaigner for LGBTQI rights. Sparking controversy when she accused a number of Irish journalists of homophobia on a late night chat show, Panti has since become a figurehead for freedom of speech.

From Ballinrobe to becoming the Queen of Ireland

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We get to explorer Panti Bliss (AKA Rory O’Neill) backstory from Irish small-town Ballinrobe the beginning and to now,  to her powerful 2014 Noble Call speech at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, and her pivotal role during Ireland’s successful campaign for marriage equality in May 2015. We even get a insight in Irish LGBT rights history highlights.

She will never admit it (like a real Queen never do), but she played a big roll in getting the Irish people to vote Yes on the same-sex marriage referendum.  The 2014 Noble Call speech, that I mention earlier, woke people and seems to have started a movement within the LGBT community in addition to family, friends and supporters, that no one could stop. That I’ll call the power of free speech. If you haven’t seen it yet, I will recommend you to see it. calls The Queen of Ireland Best European Documentary of 2015. Congratulation to Panti Bliss and her team and they that has been working and supporting the making of The Queen of Ireland.


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The Queen of Ireland facts

Directors: Conor Horgan
Language: English
Classification: 18
Studio: Universal Pictures UK
DVD Release Date: 16 Nov. 2015
Run Time: 83 minutes

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