Can be the hetero of the year – was almost stopped by his coach

Handball player Johan Jepson is nominated as the hetero of year to QX Gaygala (Swedish QX Gay Magazine's award) , but according to new information Jepson was unsure if he could go to the gay gala because of his coach.

IFK Kristianstad
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Same day as the gay gala, IFK Kristianstad are playing an important match. The team’s coach Ola Lindgren should have liked me to prioritise away Gaygalan he says.

Hetero of the Year

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Since summer 2015 the IFK Kristianstad captain, Johan Jepson, carries a rainbow captain bind. He also distribute rainbow bind to other captains in Europe. For this, he was nominated as hetero of the year to the QX Gaygala which takes place on February 8.

During the winter rainbow bind received even more attention when Sweden’s captain in handball, Tobias Karlsson, decided to wear the colours during the European Championships in Poland. He was stopped at the last second by the European Handball Federation who did not want to see rainbow bind on the pitch.

Hetero of the year is a award given to heterosexual person that do something extraordinary to raise awareness about LGBT community in Sweden and abroad.



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