Ireland leads the way on transgender rights legislation

A transgender rights report from MPs on Thursday said the UK had a long way to go before transgender people achieve equality.

Ireland Transgender
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Among their recommendations was that people should be able to declare which gender they are, regardless of what doctors or anyone else says.

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It is the sort of thing that already happens in the Republic of Ireland.

Claire Farrell is 71 and from Dublin.

She has worked all her life as a man, but she has always felt like a woman.

Transgender rights

She has battled for the Irish government to accept her gender and last year ground-breaking legislation was introduced which allowed her and any trans person to legally decide their gender simply by filling out a form, without medical or state interference.

The Irish minister Kevin Humphreys pushed the transgender rights legislation through said continuous dialogue with the trans community was at the heart of the changes.

Kevin Humphreys, who is a minister of state in the department for social protection, said he had over 100 meetings, but the end result is legislation that is some of the most progressive in the world.


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