Major Survey Of LGBT Ireland Launched

In 2009, Ireland's National LGBT Federation (NXF) conducted a survey to find out what was really important to LGBT people in Ireland.

What's Next LGBT Ireland ?
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This was the first time a survey had ever been conducted of LGBT people to identify the key priorities of the community. The research report, Burning Issues: Listening to the Voices of the LGBT Community in Ireland, provided an in-depth overview of the attitudes and opinions of LGBT Ireland that informed our work and the policy priorities of our community.

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In 2015, after years of activism, marriage equality, gender recognition and changes to Section 37 of the Employment Equality Act to protect LGBT staff in religious run institutions were realised. Following these momentous gains, in the election year 2016, the NXF is asking “what is next for LGBT Ireland and what is important to YOU”?

Take the survey here.

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