Suite 16 give the best chance for Norway in Eurovision

Today, Norway revealed who gonna compete in the Melodi Grand Prix, the national selection for the Eurovision and after listening to 10 seconds of the songs (we don't get more), We've concluded that....

Suite 16
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We’ve concluded that Suite 16 has the best chance in Eurovision in Stockholm in May.

Who is Suite 16 ?

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Suite 16 is a boyband that was put together through the reality show Project boyband on Norwegian TV2 in 2014 and has had a big success in Norway, we have even featured one of their music video‘s . The band consists of Alexandru (15), Andreas (19), Kevin (16), Vemund (20) and Thomas Alexander (18).

Suite 16 - Who I Wanna Be
Suite 16 – Who I Wanna Be

In June last year we wrote :

Suite 16 are getting One Direction run for their money – so they better watch out – because the are a new boyband in town.

Suite 16 was even nominated in The LGBT Music Vote 2015 and got 10th place of 20 nominees based on our readers votes.

Why the best song for Norway ? Anna Lee are very catchy song that seems to be very easy to get on you brain – that is a very important characteristic for a Eurovision song.. We think. And as a bonus so are Alexandru so cute that heart melts when he smiles, so we are sure you will love Suite 16 too.

Good Luck Suite 16!

On February 27 – we get to know who is gonna go to Eurovision in Stockholm in May.

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