We Will – A Short Film for Australian Marriage Equality in 2016

'We Will' follows the story of a lesbian couple; from their first date, their first awkward kiss, up until their wedding day.

We Will
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The short film ‘We Will‘ is about the normality of same-sex relationships. Claire (Bianca Bradey) and Rachel (Madeleine Withington) are just like any other couple.

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The love that they share is the same as anyone else’s, and they think they deserve a special day to proclaim their love, not just amongst friends and family, but as equals under the law.

We will info

Director: Laura Nagy
Writers: Nirrimi Firebrace , Samuel Leighton-Dore , Laura Nagy
Actors: Bianca Bradey, Madeleine Withington
Cinematographer: Emma Paine
Editor: Nicholas Lever
Stills Photographer: Samantha Heather
Sound Designer: Jay Daly
Production Designers: Nicholas J Ford, Ash Bell
Stylist: Julia Rose
Title Designer: Natasha Saba
Camera Assistant: Jac Norton
Bridal Dresses: Kelsey Genna
Stage: Holler & Haul
Music: “Stones” by Bec Sandridge

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