44 years with lawful same-sex love in Norway

Last Thursday Norway celebrated the victory by then DNF-48, but still lives LGBT people in 80 countries as criminals, says FRI leader Ingvild Endestad.

Gay Flag 2016

For exactly 44 years ago (last Thursday) was a long struggle crowned with victory, and love between two of the same sex was no longer a crime in Norway. On April 21, 1972 could FRI precursor, DNF-48 the League of 1948 celebrate that Parliament repealed § 213, which banned sex between men.

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However, LGBT people in approximately 80 countries still lives life as ‘criminals‘. In Africa, Asia and America were so-called “sodomy laws” introduced by the then British colonial authorities as part of efforts to ‘civilise’ colonies. Those who are left to do the “dishes” are LGBT activists, that needs to clean up the mess British colonial authorities made.

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Photo by Benson Kua [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons